Review of Nic Nicosia’s Show: “dreams and other stories”

itstartedwithasca[Originally published in Visual Art Source; Image courtesy of the artist]

Nic Nicosia’s show at Talley Dunn Gallery, dubbed “dreams and other stories,” sometimes operates as a baptism by somnambulism. You’re summoned into a cryptic world of eerie, nighttime pulse-quickening moments. His work, it started with a scream, is a voyage into the underbelly of dreamy messiness. It begins with a depiction of stacked rectangles — what I assume is an orderly world knocked slightly askew — and quickly devolves into an undertow presided over by a strange woman (the anima?) who seems caught and captured in the circular space of an old-fashioned vinyl record. She exhibits a nineteen-fifties, “Where’s my martini?” kind of wry sensibility. Moreover, she’s dainty and whimsical with a hefty side-dish of sexy insouciance.

From there we enter a vortex of sorts. It comes to us via a photograph of wire or other circular material that captures and cordons us off — thus alienating us from the first installment and initial experience — the stacked and semi-orderly world of perimeters. Lastly, we enter what appears to be a huge and hulking dendrite. It could be the interstices of the synapses that conjured the whole “dream.” Or not. Only Mr. Nicosia knows for sure. But no matter. It’s all refreshing fodder for gallery hopping and imbibing some of the best work in Dallas. It’s intriguing. It’s enigmatic and it’s yet another cycle of evolution in the formidable and impressive work of Mr. Nicosia.


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