Observation — A Lack of Civility.

There is too much of this kind of lunacy going on.

I received this via email. I simply asked to be deleted from the “artist’s” email list.

[I get hundreds of emails from artists I do not know.]

I later posted it on my private FB page with an explanatory note that I felt it is a waste of time to review this kind of “art.”

Nonetheless, I was taken to task for not seeing the show before I opted out of reviewing it.

I have better things to do — pushing back my cuticles, for instance.

Or reading Melville. Or Homer.




One thought on “Observation — A Lack of Civility.

  1. Gary Branch

    I don’t think I could call that art but in my 69 years I have seen a bunch of stuff I wouldn’t call ART. Hang in their


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