Archived Review – Stripped: Neo-Minimal Strategies in Contemporary Art


Marty Walker’s recent exhibit assembles an array of talent and diverse media that handily shows us some new terrain. However, I suspect two pieces are especially worthy of your time and attention. One is “Four Corners” by Anna Krachey – a luridly brilliant abstract photograph of magenta and cerulean that is shot through with an India-ink blue. It’s an inkjet print on archival paper that, interestingly, displays a faux matte that, literally, makes one do a double take. It’s reminiscent of vivid summers and cocktails and makes one glad to be above ground and imbibing luscious colors.

Secondly, Tom Orr’s “Flow” is definitely one to watch. Literally. This sculptural piece constructed of aluminum rods and wood evokes [e]motion and, if you stand to one side, it will elicit memories of vacation-y isles and watery landscapes. But it’s all pared back. “Strategies” is an apt name since it’s all rather cerebral stuff. This is art not “of” things but “about” them. It’s Fantasy Land for thinking people — and it’s worth expending some effort. However, I suggest you unpack it somewhere to the left of your sternum, in the region near your heart. That being said, if you’re into still life images of mums, pass this one by.


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