Archived Review: Il Lee + The Thousand Faces of Vishnu at The Crow Collection of Asian Art

[Originally published in Visual Art Source and The Huffington Post]

This was published as a short “recommendation” of art worth viewing in Dallas at the time of publication.


The juxtaposition of ballpoint-pen-on-paper drawings of Il Lee and an exhibit exploring “The Thousand Faces of Vishnu” is highly evocative of how art — and the universe — work. One is a form of religious wisdom that forces us to contemplate the manner in which the divine can never be contained. The other shows us the myriad ways in which a universal energy (qi) is captured and delivered to us again and then again in shifting panoramas. It, too, will resist solidity and will constantly spill into new shapes. Vishnu is ancient; Il Lee is contemporary. However, both shows remind us that ultimate wisdom — as well as art — are not only elegant; they continually morph for our delectation.


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